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One of the beautiful things about Kaleidicloud is it offers up a world of possibilities for your business. Here, we have a network of very passionate and talented individuals and some may be in this network who love doing the very thing you are looking for.

The Brick Box Studio will look at your brand and vision (and provide guidance and inspiration on that if you are interested) as well as your expectations and needs and play matchmaker with who would be a good fit for those needs, offering as many relevant options on the table as needed. We explore together and dive into those options or actively seek out more and more options to find the best fit for you and the needs of your business, connecting and evaluating options along the way until we can together find what you are looking for. Once you believe you have found a great fit and have chosen a passionate + talented provider and price has been established between both parties, then we will establish the communication, relevant legally-binding contracts, and payment processing needed to secure them and their services as well as provide you any additional customer service support needed.

Some providers in this network may provide services at an at-need/project basis, others may have package/membership options that you can evaluate and decide upon if it makes great sense for your business.

Get quality work from enthusiastic pros

Hire folks that are
passionate and good at what you're looking for.

Many are doing their dream job, doing what they want to do and what they're good at which leads to quality work for you.  

Potentially save a ton of money that you can use elsewhere

Avoid the tedious search to hire talent, the hiring process, a long training process, and the payroll taxes (and oftentimes benefits and costly equipment) that come with a hire by hiring independent contactors.

Keep billing simple

We provide an easy system of ensuring that the contractor you are hiring will be paid without you having to jump through a lot of hoops

Stay protected, know what you are purchasing,  and keep contractors accountable to contract  

With every outsourced assignment comes a legally-binding contract that each party reads, discusses, agrees to, and signs. Before signing, we work to ensure that both parties know what is and is not being agreed to. This is the contract we uphold to in any cases of dispute. 

Get the support you need

Any support you need, we will be here for you to answer any questions or resolve any issues in a very timely manner.

We also will be here enforcing the standards of the contract (for both parties) in any cases of a dispute, working as an advocate for what is right.