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LOOKOUT is the heart of the Brick Box Studio and Kaleidicloud

​This is why the Brick Box Studio and Kaleidicloud are here. To support this endeavor. It's not about getting rich or famous. It's about bringing the kingdom of God to Earth, and enriching lives and life itself.

What is this endeavor, anyway?

the Brick Box Studio will create and house a digital map of the entire world, segmenting regions and then identifying needs within that region. These needs can be physical needs (such as hunger, nakedness, illness, etc.), emotional needs, or spiritual needs found within this region of the planet.

Then for each need in each region on this worldwide Map of Needs, already existing efforts to take care of these needs in this region - if any - will be evaluated and will be intensely graded for certain criteria regarding effectiveness. If these efforts (as well as the organization behind it) pass this test and are deemed suitable for support, LOOKOUT will take profits earned from Kaleidicloud and directly donate to the ministry / organization to continue these efforts.

If a region does not have any existing efforts, or if no LOOKOUT-certified organizations could take on the responsibility of helping that region, or if the region is limited to efforts that do not pass the LOOKOUT certification test, the Brick Box Studio will utilize Kaleidicloud's crowdsourcing services to create a new ministry, and will continue to offer financial support after its creation in order that it might be sustainable.

For example, if a region of the world - in this case, a neighborhood of either Chicago or Bangladesh - is struggling with homelessness, LOOKOUT would first look for any existing efforts addressing this issue in this region. If efforts were found and these efforts passed the LOOKOUT certification test, then they would be financially supported by the Brick Box Studio. However, if no efforts were found in this region, if no LOOKOUT-certified organizations could take on the responsibility of helping that region, and if the only efforts found unfortunately failed to pass the LOOKOUT test, then LOOKOUT would create a new ministry using Kaleidicloud's crowdsourcing resources​ and would support this ministry financially.