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I sure keep hearing a lot about

Mutual Fulfillment


mutually fulfilling needs


stuff like that

around here a lot

Okay, so there is a lot of talk about that here. And rightfully so. What it means is when we go in the fair zone and do what is good to both/all sides involved and can find that sweet spot where we end up accomplishing the goals and fulfilling the desires and needs of everybody, that's amazing so let's go for that.

Why would we start at a place like "How much money can we get off these folks" when we can start at a place that fulfills everyone's needs and aims to benefit everyone?

That area is also supported and maintained by the commitment to do what is fair and right and good to all and never going out of bounds by a cheap shot at self-only goals, and doing what is fair and right and good is a big deal to us here along with this desire for mutual fulfillment.

So mutual fulfillment, in case it's not clear, is that sweet spot place where we can achieve what everyone is looking for in the same thing. Someone is looking for workers, someone is looking for work. Someone is looking for investment, someone is looking for money. Someone is looking for a supplier, someone is looking for a client. And so on. Interestingly, the whole nature of this type of business is built on that concept.