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Personal PRoperty

that you own would you like to

make income with


You've likely heard of or even know folks who make money booking rooms out of their house. There are even folks who buy houses to do that.

What about doing that with your own stuff? Some of that is just lying around not even being touched. Certainly not making any money for you.

Perhaps you have equipment. Or tools. Or other personal property. Perhaps it's intellectual property. Or software. It could be a lot of different things.

The interesting thing is on the other side of that thing lying around not making you any money is potentially someone who could pay you for using that.

Now the (legitimate) concern might come to mind....what if they break or damage that.

Simple. Same as the platforms who offer rooms in one's house up for grabs to the general public. No personal property that you put in our network will, first, be contracted out without your consent and, two, be contracted out by anyone without a legally-binding contract and deposit from the renter. With that deposit, we hold onto it for safe keeping during the timeframe of the renter's use of your property (agreed upon in the rental contract). Meaning that you can rest easy knowing it will either be treated properly or you will be compensated for it by the party who damaged or destroyed it.

Hopefully, most people will be careful and responsible in how they treat it but it is also important to be careful and responsible in evaluating each request for renting your personal property. The Brick Box Studio will do its best to help resolve any issue as best as it can and work to ensure what is fair and right happens. As an advocate of what is right and good and true. 

Right now with Goldensounds, the main focus will be connecting talent but there will certainly be a need for personal property and it cannot hurt to go ahead and put yourself in the network with your property so we can contact you when that is needed.
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