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Here at the Brick Box Studio, I believe that each person is endowed by God with talents and abilities (regardless if they know him or not).
Do you know what yours are?

If not, my hope is to someday - when we are better equipped - help you (including helping you find your God-given skills as well as to someday hopefully provide an alternative educational and apprenticeship system as an opportunity of escape from and success apart from the dominant good test taking / book reading centered secondary education system in this country which benefits some but disenfranchises others). That will be very exciting and rewarding to be a part of - to help you!

In the meantime, working with what the Brick Box Studio can do, if you know your talent, your passion, your ability and want to make money doing it, please 
get in the network so we can hopefully start matchmaking you with folks/businesses who are looking for your skill! You won't need to necessarily quit your job to do so either. It's all about finding how much time you have and how many clients you can safely take on without adding more stress to your life. If that works out well, you might consider expanding it into a full time job or keep it where it is.

The more and more people that are in the network, the more opportunities and potential that is there to matchmake people together for meaningful assignments. As Kaleidicloud grows, so grows your potential with the platform.

Speaking of which, the site will need to be a user-friendly online platform and app so if you do front-end and back-end coding / website development or know folks who do,
please send them our way.

Perhaps you have a skill or a talent you don't think Kaleidicloud could use right away. You never know! The more people that are in the network, the more resources we can potentially utilize and creatively matchmake together. You might be hearing from me soon or after awhile but there's only one way to find out and it cannot hurt.

Let's say Kaleidicloud can successfully line you up potential business with your skill. Here's how it will go:




It is highly encouraged and preferred that you accept our free branding consultation to help discover and better identify your brand and steps to grow your brand. Before promoting yourself and your services, it is good for yourself and for all parties involved that you understand what you do and do not do and how you can do better than where you are now.

Branding, vision, and marketing will always be a part of the Brick Box Studio and priority for our clients to better serve them. We discuss what you offer and what you can offer and how you can offer that (packages, memberships, online bookings, online store, etc.) and together develop a customized, tailor-made marketing plan - for free (if you have a service we are looking for).


If you fit what we are looking for at this time (which should expand as time goes on and the network gets larger and larger), then we will work together to establish a fair-for-all-sides plan of action and offer you a Brick Box Studio contract to hire us to grow your business or at least give you the amount of opportunity you are looking for at this time.

At least for now, this should not be a quit-your-current-job-and-expect-to-do-this-full-time situation unless you are already doing what you are doing full-time. This is all about filling your calendar with the kind of clients you want and the amount of clients you can safely handle while ensuring quality.

Hire us


Once contracted, we can then hit the streets personally marketing you to the clients you are looking to have and working to fill up the amount of time in your calendar you are looking for. We will never agree to work for someone for you but rather as your personal marketing agent.

With each possibility we propose them to you for you to approve, deny, or inquire for more info. If you are interested, then we market you to them. If they are interested, then we move to the next step.

The days of going around town and messaging a bunch of people to market yourself are over. So are the days of paying good money for lead generation sites that don't get you work - or work that you are looking for. Enter Kaleidicloud. Customized to you and your business. With your interests and success as priority. And only pay (at a fair price) for the business you want to get and for what is secured by way of our services.


Tailor-made marketing


If both parties are interested in each other to fulfill a need of the business, the Brick Box Studio then secures that business with the potential client by way of clear communication to both parties. Each side will know EXACTLY what is going to be fulfilled and all the terms of the contract. Then contracts provided by the Brick Box Studio will be signed and payment will be taken. The Brick Box Studio takes the full payment and releases the amount agreed upon (and keeps the fair cut agreed upon in the contract) to you at the time agreed upon, which will be within a very fair amount of time.

Secure business


Once they are a client and you get their payment, we do not just step away. We are here for assistance to serve in whatever we can help in. While the official relationship will be strictly between you as a contractor and them, we will act as third party liaison to facilitate good communication and cooperation between you both when needed. We will also work to promote the right thing according to the contract agreed upon by you both, which will be the code that is to be upheld and what we will work to promote.

Serve and assist


We will try our best to fill as much of your calendar that you want to be filled with clients as possible. Over time, you might want to expand it more or back off more (provided it doesn't interfere with any existing contracts with current clients). The nature of this business is giving you as many clients as you want and that you can safely do excellent work with...and not filling your life with more busyness and stress. Let the most important things in life come first and if we can make this a full time job doing what you're passionate doing, great, but make sure you can handle it well.

Hopefully repeat

That's how the nature of Kaleidicloud will work for now and will, Lord willing, hopefully expand into more and more dynamic features over time for our service providing clients like yourself. This business is just starting and it's never been done before as far as I know so it's very exciting and I want to make sure you get the very best in all of this. You have my commitment to do things right, full of integrity (absolutely essential), with your best interests in mind, and to the very best of my abilities.

You might be wondering...which one is it? Kaleidicloud or the Brick Box Studio.
Click here to help clarify.

It will be an honor to empower you to be able to honestly say

"I have an agent - and a really good one."

Let me know how I can serve you or better serve you.


- Cord Schnakenberg, servant of the Lord with vision, focus, and connections

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