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The music being created here is not just to be listened to but to be experienced. To get into the heart, soul, and emotion of this music.

One primary format of the Goldensounds music experiences will be albums. These albums can be purchased and experienced on the Goldensounds platform (online and app) in which individuals can be taken on a musical journey through the digital albums being purchased. These albums are not going to be like anything ever produced and will be full of content that connects the one on the journey with the heart of the music. There will be digital components included in the albums as well including (but not limited to) videos, lyrics, and photos.

In addition to the digital albums, those who buy such musical experiences will be able to upgrade their flights to not only the digital albums but also what will be called assemblage box sets. These box sets will help musical travelers be immersed into the music, connecting with it even deeper, with physical, tangible elements to enjoy including (but not limited to) booklets, posters, 3D printed materials, photos, lyrics, and floral. These will be created by quality creatives whose specialties intersect with each album.

In the future, the plan is to - Lord willing - have live musical experiences. These can be online and in person. These can be traditional (stadium or auditorium), ambiant (coffee shop or dedicated food hall and music combo venue), or non-traditional (giving the audience music stations to explore, for example) in format. These same creatives building albums that immerse audiences into the music will have opportunities to create in-person immersive experiences that connect the crowds to the music at hand.

Will you join in this exciting journey with us?