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Goldensounds, Lord-willing, will utilize Kaleidicloud - a collective of creatives of many different kinds and people who have resources for making each project happen.

God gives people talents, abilities, and resources that can be used to create beautiful things. Working together, we go bigger and better and farther.

To create these incredible musical experiences, whether albums or live events, it's going to take people coming together to bring what they each have to the table. Kaleidicloud (technically, Kaleidicloud Colors LLC) is the network. Sounds of Kaleidicloud is the platform that connects us together to make this happen.

On the music production side: the musicians of various kinds, the songwriters, the music production team, and the studios.

On the side of production of the physical albums / assemblage box sets / live events (
see more about that by clicking here): the graphic designers, the woodworkers, the photographers, the printers (including 3D printers), the sewing enthusiasts, the florists, the videographers, and more.

On the business side: the marketing, the sales management, the shipping/logistics, the programming/development/platform maintenance, the legal, and the administration.

We will let our beautiful engine of
Kaleidicloud (and specifically, Sounds of Kaleidicloud as the connector for that network in connections involving music) power this network of possibilities and connections.

In the process of creating these incredible musical experiences - both in album and live event format - it will allow creatives to use their passion, talents, skills, abilities, and resources and give them opportunities to make income. The goal is to - with the grace of God - help creatives start out with making as much side income with as much of work as they can take on available from us (there's no pressure to do more or less than one can at any particular time) and then to, Lord-willing, make this work full time. What a vision and only God can make this happen!

Would you be a part of this collective?