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Goldensounds, Lord-willing, will use and interact through the music platform of Sounds of Kaleidicloud (managed by Sounds of Kaleidicloud LLC, recently established) which will conenct artists with consumers - where artists can create music, release music, and more and where people can discover, purchase, and connect with the music and musicians they want. By the grace of the Lord, if He wills (and I believe He does), Goldensounds will be one of the Holy LLC music labels that will utilize Sounds of Kaleidicloud and the Kaleidicloud network (Kaleidicloud Colors LLC and all of its subsidiaries) to create, distribute, and sell music.

For the consumer, the platform of Sounds of Kaleidicloud will be a place to find new music that connects with them and enjoy that music, own that music. It won't be Spotify where you don't get to own the music but instead pay to borrow the music - with Sounds of Kaleidicloud, you own the album you purchase and will keep it from the time you purchase it onward. But it's not iTunes either. Here, you're not just coming to some store. You're on a platform that empowers you to be immersed into the music, to connect with the music and the musicians.

For the music lover, it allows them to have the music they discover and enjoy at an affordable price [$10 an album for the digital album (both cloud album and download)]. The platform allows for playback on your devices and Bluetooth integration, of course, as well as customization of audio and visual components. The idea is to immerse you in as deep into the music as possible in the digital space while meeting you in the physical space you are already in and not distracting from your "real world" realm, thus providing a soundtrack to your life. In these digital albums will be components that help you in that and, while each album will be different, each will at the very least have: audio files, audio playback, Bluetooth integration, audio/playback controls, visuals, visual controls, lyrics, artist info, project notes from the creatives involved, and the ability to subscribe to the artists and get connected with them through the platform. Additional included components with the digital album purchase can include (but not limited to) album graphics for digital and social, artist welcomes, videos, tickets, and project photos.

In addition to the ability to purchase the $10 digital album, music lovers will have the ability to upgrade to an additional physical album. While CDs and vinyl likely will be available for upgrade for some albums, this physical album upgrade focuses not on the playback means (CD or vinyl), as the standard for Goldensounds will be the very versatile digital albums, but rather what will be called assemblage box sets. Starting out as a business, these box sets will be the size of a standard record album (12.375 inches by 12.375 inches) and can be contructed out of wood, cardboard, plastic, or fabric depending on the album. Inside the album, there will be a variety of album materials which immerse the listener into the album and the music even more. These items can include (but are not limited to) booklets, photos, lyrics, 3D printed logos, posters, bumper stickers, and floral. These physical materials will be produced by creatives in the Kaleidicloud network who are eager to use their talents, abilities, and resources.

It's also a place that allows you at checkout of each album to either (1) just purchase and enjoy and do nothing more than that, (2) crowdfund the music to help the artist and album go further (give-to-not-get, traditional crowdfunding), or (3) invest in the album to share in the percentage of profits from that album (equity-based crowdfunding). These funds from investors go into an equity pool and are not paid to the pockets of Goldensounds, contracted studios, contracted distributors, contracted marketers (although this one is possible in the future), or contracted artists but rather to a fund that keeps album upgrades to assemblage box sets at an affordable price point while paying the contracted creatives who make them the same fair amount, during the financial supply of that equity pool, in hopes that more people will order the album upgrades and the albums can grow in momentum and perceived value by the time the pool dries up.

The platform also allows fans to connect with their favorite artists, support those artists, ask questions, buy merch, make suggestions, check tour dates/places, and get insights and updates. Eventually, Goldensounds (and other Holy LLC companies) - Lord willing - will be hosting live events of different kinds and fans will be able to see those live events, book them, manage bookings, have e-tickets, and even have the ability to do online live events as well with those artists and the platform will facilitate this.

For creatives, the platform allows them to get connected into the network and to the other creatives working on projects. These creatives can connect together through Sounds of Kaleidicloud and find work using the talents that they are looking for, and the creatives looking for talents can find this on Sounds of Kaleidicloud - providing a win-win for both parties. The platform will allow them to find these connections, manage their tasks, manage their workflow, and find the resources they need. With Sounds of Kaleidicloud, they can track their income and eventually have more and more resources they need to thrive with their talents.

With musical artists, this platform allows them to manage their albums and performances, connect with their fans, sell merch, and make income through sales on Sounds of Kaleidicloud - and are provided with tools to aid in these endeavors.

Welcome to the new way to do music.