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We are Holy, a collective of passionate creatives and leaders here to do what God leads us to do. The parent company is Holy LLC, formerly named the Brick Box Studio LLC until it was renamed to Holy at the direction of the Lord. We are called by God to be holy for Him, set apart and different than the world and beautiful - to glorify and worship Him.

We own Kaleidicloud, a creativity engine and economy called a sparkbeacon (the first of its kind in history) and out of that will come businesses, organizations, music, and more. Out of this, running on the crowdsourcing powerhouse of Kaleidicloud, also comes Goldensounds, which will be a very unique music label and soon-to-be music platform. There will also be Sounds of Kaleidicloud, a label that uses Kaleidicloud as its platform. Also is Gemsounds, a royalty-free music library.

Find out more about these brands and platforms by clicking below or watching one of the latest visioncast videos at the bottom:
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s  h  o  r  t  e  R  Video

L  O  N  G  E  R  Video