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Imagine  being able to  have all resources you need to make amazing things happen. What  would you do?

What do most people do when they want to create something? Let's say, for the sake of this example, it's a business.

So let's say you have a passion, a dream, an idea to create a business. You're going to have to take a lot of time, money, energy, resources, dead end streets, and risk to make it happen. You will to need to search all over the Internet, call around, drive around, meet people, and so on. You're going to need to work on every single component that you need and line up every single piece, every single person, that you need to make it happen - and that's going to take a whole lot of work. What if it didn't have to be that way anymore?

Enter Kaleidicloud by the Brick Box Studio, the world's first

A platform that allows creatives of all kinds to create what they are passionate about with what they need. Maybe it's a business. Or a business growth expansion project. Or just a piece needed like a sign out front. Or a whole new nonprofit. Maybe it's a movie. Could be an invention. Or a piece of music. And so on. You get the idea.

Anything being created needs to have resources. A major part of creativity itself is resourcefulness and - news flash - it's hard to be resourceful when you have no resources. Kaleidicloud is a collection of every single component someone would need to bring their creative dream to life. Legal services. A website. Real estate, if needed. Branding. SEO. Marketing. Materials. Money. Workers. Everything.

Now on the other side of these dreams and each of these needs for fulfillment are folks chomping at the bits with needs of their own. A service provider needing clients. People who want to find meaningful work that connects with their own passion and skills. Enter the Kaleidicrowd aspect of Kaleidicloud - the crowdsourcing element to this large, exciting, colorful puzzle.

For example, there is the real estate agent (or thousands of real estate agents) looking for new clients let alone leads. On the other hand, there is someone (or thousands of someones) needing real estate. There is the creator who will need good labor. And there is the good labor needing the good work. There are the folks looking to getting into more exciting, rewarding, meaningful investments outside of Wall Street, investments that are more tangibly accessible, less saturated in percentage of the cut, and perhaps local. Then there are the folks who need the money.
We connect them all together. You see the picture.

You do, right? (if not, send us a message asking for more info and we will chat)

When we can bring about
mutual fulfillment to all parties involved, wonderful things happen and people are more likely to get what they were looking for.

This whole trying to paint a picture of what we are seeing, of course, is several things. This limited view is not the full idea of the plan. No, the plan's idea is very large-scale and lest we go into essays and essays of details and exposure for the world to see (and competitors take and run with at the outset), we're starting by sharing a brief. But let's just say it's big enough and broad enough to likely fit you - yes,
you - in it.

Which brings me to the second point which is that this is an extremely large scale plan. Yet its large and broad approach is one of its greatest assets because it can fit into (almost) anywhere and be scaled to (almost) anything with (almost) anything...making it very agile, robust, and sustainable. And there are some very surprising ideas of how to make this happen up the sleeves of the Brick Box Studio.

For the last decade, I have been watching a host of world class brands (you likely know many of them very well) arise and take simply pieces of this puzzle and heavily profit on those pieces. Kaleidicloud is the puzzle that is the mutual fulfillment  of what happens when all of those pieces come together for one puzzle - and what happens with that integration is an explosive creativity unleashed and then amazing things happen that can radically impact the world in very positive ways.

You also likely are wondering...okay, which one is it? Is this the Brick Box Studio or is this Kaleidicloud? 
Read here to help clarify that.

If you are a business seeking services, check this out.

If you are someone who is good at / passionate about something and would love to make money doing it, click here.

If you have personal property (like equipment, real estate, intellectual property, a recording studio in your house, etc.) and are interested in possibly making money off of owning that, read this.

Yet at the utmost importance, we have an extremely important mission. Not fame. Not money. Not worldly success. But giving God all the glory He is due. He is the ultimate Creator, the true source of creativity...we are merely made in His image and pick up pieces of His wildly incredible grace. In Him, the fullness of creativity and creation dwell richly and in Jesus, His Son, he brings life and power and beauty and meaning and truth and amazing wonder.

So be amazed, be full of wonder, as you enter this collective, colorful world of collaboration inspired by Him.

Cord Schnakenberg,
servant of the Lord with vision, focus, and connections